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Accutane Treatment


Acne can be unsightly and painful. In addition to taking a physical toll, it can result in poor self-esteem and, even, depression. Accutane capsules, with an active ingredient of isotretinoin, are a potent, highly effective option for clearing even the most stubborn acne. For more than 20 years, Accutane therapy has successfully treated severe nodular acne. The small Accutane capsules are taken orally, in several courses of 4 to 6 months each.

If, however, a woman becomes or is pregnant while undergoing Accutane treatment, there is a high risk that her baby will be born with severe birth defects. As a result, a program called iPLEDGE has been enacted to:

  • Prevent Accutane treatment from being given to pregnant women
  • Ensure women do not become pregnant while undergoing Accutane therapy

By signing the iPLEDGE oath, female patients agree to undergo monthly pregnancy tests and to use two forms of approved contraception for the duration of the Accutane therapy. Results are verified by the prescribing doctor and the dispensing pharmacy.