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Eczema Specialist

Elk Grove Dermatology

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Eczema affects nearly 31 million American adults and children. At Elk Grove Dermatology, our providers offer effective diagnostic and treatment services to alleviate the symptoms of eczema, including excessive itching and inflammation of your skin, while improving your comfort and confidence. To learn more about treating and preventing eczema flare-ups, schedule a consultation online or by calling the friendly staff in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition that produces an itchy red rash. While common in infants and young children, eczema can also affect adults, causing irritation and inflammation of skin throughout your body. The condition isn’t contagious, so you don’t have to worry about it spreading through skin-to-skin contact.

Eczema rashes can pop up on the inside of your arms, behind your knees, and on your face. Babies usually develop eczema on their scalp, which causes redness and dandruff.

What causes eczema?

While there isn’t a definitive cause of eczema, there are known triggers that can lead eczema flare-ups, including allergic reactions to cleaners, soaps, and animal dander.

Eczema can also develop as the result of an upper respiratory infection or a food allergy. In some cases, eczema flare-ups can occur when you’re under a lot of stress.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

In addition to the redness and irritation of your skin, you may also experience symptoms like:

  • Raised crusty patches
  • Oozing blisters
  • Dry or scaly skin
  • Skin discoloration

Symptoms can happen on occasion through exposure to certain triggers. You may also have persistent skin rashes with inflammation and itchiness, especially if you have allergies.

Dr. Polisky can often diagnose eczema through a physical exam of your skin. He also takes it one step further and reviews your medical history, family history, and lifestyle choices to help determine what potential triggers may be producing your eczema outbreak.

What treatments are available for eczema?

Dr. Polisky determines the best course of treatment for you based on the severity of your rash and its impact on your health. Initially, he may recommend cold compresses and over-the-counter topical medications to relieve itchiness and dry skin.

If these treatments aren’t effective, Dr. Polisky may recommend prescription antihistamines or corticosteroids to relieve inflammation and discomfort. If you have an infection as the result of eczema, you may need to take a course of antibiotics.

Dr. Polisky may also recommend allergy tests to identify what environmental factors may be triggering your eczema outbreaks to help develop a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Other treatments include phototherapy, a light therapy that exposes your skin to ultraviolet lights, and immunomodulators, medications that help to regulate your immune system. These treatments may increase your risk for cancer, and Dr. Polisky only recommends them if you experience severe eczema flare-ups.

Book an appointment online or by phone to learn more about effectively treating the uncomfortable symptoms of eczema.