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Rhinophyma is a severe form of rosacea that can significantly distort the appearance of the nose. Although the cause of rhinophyma is unknown, this condition occurs most commonly in men older than 40. Rhinophyma was once thought to be the result of excessive alcohol consumption, but research has proven this to be untrue. Rhinophyma is usually diagnosed by visual examination, but on occasion, a biopsy may be performed.

Symptoms of Rhinophyma

Patients with rhinophyma may experience the following symptoms:

  • Reddish colored of the skin on the nose
  • Bulbous shape to the nose
  • Thickening, waxy texture to nasal skin
  • Papules on the surface of the nasal skin
  • Increased number of oil glands

Treatment of Rhinophyma

Forms of treatment for rhinophyma depend on the severity of the individual case. Antibiotics and topical creams used for acne, such as Accutane drug treatment, are often applied. Restoration of the normal appearance of the nose may be accomplished with the use of dermabrasion, laser treatment or plastic surgery.

While rhinophyma can be corrected with surgery, it is possible that the condition will recur.