Higher Tech Dermatology

Two apps I am using on a regular basis are SunZapp and Dr. Mole. They are good educational tools and are also a fun way to provide information for patients. The SunZapp allows you to input your personal detalis like skin type or eye color to get an idea of your risk for sunburn and skin cancer development. 

Dr. Mole allows you to isolate and photograph a mole so you can recheck it at different intervals to see if it has grown or not. 

Two other apps I suggest are GoodRx and EczemaDoc. Since drug prices have increased dramatically I like my patients to check around and try to get the best price possible on their prescriptions. Our new EMR system has helped us by telling us more info about a patients insurance and what may or may not be covered.

EczemaDoc is a nice addition for the newly diagnosed Eczema patient by providing them with pictures and idea about the common skin concern. 

Dr. Polisky

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